WG6. Different cell types


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This working group will assess the suitability of different types of human cells for comet assay analysis.

1. The combined database will yield information about the type of cells assayed in human trials. Most will be PBMN cells, but in some cases other samples – such as whole blood, or buccal epithelial cells – will have been used. Levels of damage found in the different cell types will be compared.
2. The suitability of frozen whole blood as a source of leukocytes will be assessed by members of the COST Action (using own resources). A protocol for isolation of the cells will be provided. PBMN cells will be isolated from blood samples from a small number of volunteers in each centre; aliquots of the same blood samples will be frozen at -80°C and leukocytes isolated at a later date. Results from the different labs will be analysed together, to look for correlations (or not) between DNA damage levels in leukocytes and PBMN cells.
3. The feasibility of using stored buffy coat as a source of leukocytes will be explored (a project for one or two COST laboratories).

Recruitment of COST members with own resources to take part in the PBMN/leukocyte study and buffy coat trial (Month 3)

1. Report on comparative data retrieved from combined database (Month 24)
2. Recommendations on suitability of different cell types for biomonitoring (Month 30)
3. Publication on levels of DNA damage in leukocytes and PBMN cells, correlated or not (Month 30)

Second Year of the Project
Goal: Comparison of performance of comet assay on different human cell types; relates to Objective 7 Milestones:
M6.2. Analyse data from database on different cell types (Month 21)
M6.3. Perform experiments on different cell preparation methods (Month 24)
D6.1. Report on comparative data retrieved from combined database; publications (Month 24)

Nursen Basaran, Annamaria Brech, Marie Carriere, Andrew Collins, Carla Costa, Solange Costa, Cristian Del Bo, Vita Dolzan, Maria Dusinska, Susan Duthie, Peter Eckl, Metka Filipič, Goran Gajski, Lisa Giovannelli, Katja Goričar, Lucyna Kapka-Skrzypczak, Siegfried Knasmueller, Gudrun Koppen, Marcin Kruszewski, Carina Ladeira, Nikolajs Sjakste, Blanca Laffon, Magdalena Matysiak, Mirta Milić, Zsuzsana Nemeth, Matjaz Novak, Alena Opattova, Biljana Potparević, Elke Richling, Patrizia Riso, Pavel Rossner, Nikolajs Sjakste, Monika Sramkova, Helga Stopper, Joao Paulo Teixeira, Vanessa Valdiglesias, Sona Vodenkova, Lada Živković, Bojana Žegura