WG4. Guidelines and SOPs


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This working group will make new guidelines and SOPs in order to minimise differences betwen laboratories.

1. Guidelines for best practice in design of human population studies, using the comet assay, will be written, in consultation with hCOMET members.
2. Guidelines will be prepared for optimal performance of the comet assay as a biomonitoring tool, and SOPs will be written, in collaboration with WG3.

1. Draft guidelines for human studies sent to hCOMET partners for comment, and feedback received
2. Preparation of standard protocol for comet assay, in consultation with WG3

Publication of guidelines

Training course:
The comet assay as a human biomonitoring tool (year 2)

Second Year of the Project
Goal: Production of guidelines and SOPs for use of comet assay in biomonitoring; relates to Objective 6. Milestones:
M4.1. Draft guidelines for human studies sent to hCOMET partners for comment (Month 21)
M4.2. Collect data on individual protocols from database (Month 21)
D4.1. Optimised protocol for comet assay (Month 24)

Gunnar Brunborg, Marie Carriere, Vita Dolzan, Susan Duthie, Sonia Fraga, Jean-Pierre Gillet, Katja Goričar, Carina Ladeira, Peter Moeller, Bertrand Pourrut, Shaposhnikov Sergej, Joao Paulo Teixeira