WG3. Ring studies


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Working group will organize ring studies in order to test the robustness of standard protocols.

Between 6 and 10 members of hCOMET will be recruited to take part in a ring study (using own resources for experimental work). They will receive identical samples of cells treated with a range of concentrations of specific DNA-damaging agent, to be processed according to a standard 12- gel/slide medium throughput comet assay protocol. Since scoring of comets has previously been proposed as a likely cause of variation, slides will be scored in the lab carrying out the test, and then in a central lab. The ring study will be repeated as necessary (e.g. if substantial changes to the protocol are made on the basis of results of the first ring study).

Recruitment of COST members with own resources to take part in the ring study (Month 24)
2. Preparation of standard protocol, in consultation with the ring study participants (Month 27) 3. Distribution of samples for analysis (Month 30)

Publication reporting results of ring study (Month 42)

Training course:
Advances in high throughput methods for studying DNA damage (year 1)

Second Year of the Project
Goal: Performance of ring studies with standard comet assay protocols, in order to identify best practice; relates to Objective 5.
M3.1. Recruitment of COST members with own resources to take part in the ring study (Month 24)

Amaya Azqueta, Nursen Basaran, Stefano Bonassi, Elisa Boutet-Robinet, Annamaria Brech, Gunnar Brunborg, Andrew Collins, Cristian Del Bo, Ninoslav Djelić, Metka Filipič, Sonia Fraga (non MC member), Lisa Giovannelli, Lucyna Kapka-Skrzypczak, Gudrun Koppen, Marcin Kruszewski, Blanca Laffon, Magdalena Matysiak, Peter Moeller, Zsuzsanna Nemeth, Matjaz Novak, Biljana Potparević, Milena Radaković, Patrizia Riso, Helga Stopper, Joao Paulo Teixeira, Vanessa Valdiglesias, Pavel Vodicka, Hakan Wallin, Blanaid White, Lada Živković, Bojana Žegura