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3-day Course in Rome : Statistical and epidemiological issues in human biomonitoring studies: An hCOMET course

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13th International Comet Assay Workshop (ICAW)

At present the number of researchers in Russia who use the Comet assay in studies of DNA damage and repair as a result of the influence of different factors on living organisms continuously increases. That is why it would be useful to have the opportunity to meet with scientists who have more experience in the application of the Comet assay in different fields of biology.

The administration of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences would be glad to participate in organizing the International Comet assay Workshop (ICAW 2019) in Russia.

We hope that the holding of ICAW 2019 in Russia will give impetus to the development of this approach not only in Russia but also throughout the world. 

Welcome to Pushchino (Moscow region) in 2019.

D.Sc. Prof. Beletsky I.P., Director Iteb Ras & Nikolai Sirota 

For more information to attend the meeting you can contact