COST Action CA15132- hCOMET

We had successfull training schools:
1. Basic/ DNA Repair Alkaline Comet Assay Training Course applied to blood or isolated lymphocytes at
Norwegian Institute of Public Health, NIPH, 0403 Oslo, Norway, March 8-10 2017, with training course leader training course leader Gunnar Brunborg,
and Instructors:
DNA damage Module: Gunnar Brunborg and Kristine Bjerve Gutzow
DNA repair Module: Sabine Langie, Elisa Boutet-Robinet and Amaya Azqueta

2. 3-day Course on Statistical and epidemiological issues in human biomonitoring studies: An hCOMET course (A joint hCOMET - UK MEG initiative) at IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana, Via di Val Cannuta 247/249, Rome, Italy 28 February-2nd March 2018, with training course leader Prof Stefano Bonassi and Instructors: Roger Godschalk, Sabine Langie, Monica Neri, Mirta Milić and Carlo Tomino.

New training school will be:

COST Action CA15132- hCOMET

Practical issues in hCOMET assay in different cell types (buccal, nasal, eye cells...) to be determined ............

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hCOMET participation in covering the costs of travelling and accomodation: max 500 euros

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